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As of February 28, the Provider Cost of Quality Calculator includes updated values for Child and Adult Care Food Program reimbursement rates, optional center staff salaries, minimum wages for center substitutes and family child care home assistants, and non-personnel expenses. You can read more about these updates in Provider Cost of Quality Calculator February 2024 Updates.

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The Provider Cost of Quality Calculator (PCQC) allows you to estimate the annual costs and revenue of running a child care program. You can use this information to find out if there is a gap between the cost of providing quality services and the revenue available to support your family child care home or center.

This information helps child care providers understand the factors that affect costs. It also helps the policy community identify the gap between cost and revenue. This knowledge helps them design strategies to fill that gap like subsidy policies, increasing rates, or offering grants, bonuses, or contracts to enhance program quality.

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