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PCQC Dashboard

The PCQC helps you estimate annual costs and revenue of operating a child care program. This information can help child care programs better understand the factors that influence costs and help the policy community design financial supports.

Child Care Centers

Center owners and operators can compare income and expenses. They can evaluate rate changes, sliding fee scales, benefits, and salary scenarios to help make decisions.

Create Center Scenario

Family Child Care Providers

Providers can better understand costs per child, organize expenses based on quality levels, and calculate net income to make decisions about their rates and program costs.

Create Home Scenario

Administrators and grantees can select whether they want to emulate a center or family child care provider. They can break down child care costs based on age group and quality level, evaluate the impact of subsidy rates and current financial supports on providers, and use their findings to design supportive policies.

We’ve updated the Provider Cost of Quality Calculator (PCQC)! As of February 28, PCQC includes updated values for Child and Adult Care Food Program reimbursement rates, optional center staff salaries, minimum wages for center substitutes and family child care home assistants, and non-personnel expenses.

This change applies to all your scenarios (past and future). See the Provider Cost of Quality Calculator February 2024 Updates for more information.